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Additional Services

Overview of  the Program

JDS offers a tracking and monitoring service.  When ordered by the courts, we place a GPS monitor on the client.  This service allows the courts the opportunity to keep youth at home and in the community while still being supervised.

Supervising agents create inclusion zones where students must enter at a certain time and remain

until a specified period of time.  Supervising agents can also create exclusion zones around shopping malls, the student’s home and other locations where students cannot go during specified periods of the day, such as when they should be in school.


BLUtag is an ideal GPS monitoring device for supervising juvenile enrollees in the community. It is small enough for a pants leg to easily cover it. The device is lightweight, weighing around 6 ounces.  There is an additional steel strap that can be added to help prevent the removal of this device.  Enrollees have only one task to complete each day: recharge the battery for one hour. BLUtag even reminds the enrollee to recharge the battery by vibrating when the power level begins to get low.

Ankle Monitoring Services

Ankle Monitoring Services are available to juvenile court officers.  When a child is on an ankle monitor they can be located by calling us and having a staff member ping their location.  Although locations are not exact (we cannot tell what room of a building a child is in or if they are inside or outside of a structure) they are within several yards of the child's location. We can also trace approximately where a child has been for several days. It is the child and the parent's responsibility to make sure the ankle monitor is fully charged in order to work efficiently.

Ankle Monitoring Service Rates

The current rate for GPS Tracking and Monitoring is $40 per day.

* If a child cuts off the monitor or damages it in any way, the child will be billed for our loss. The current price of an ankle monitor and a charging unit is approximately $500-$1000

If you are not a Juvenile Court Officer, the parent or a legal guardian we as a facility cannot legally give out information about a child, their location or confirm if a child in question is on an ankle monitor or not. You will need to contact the Police Department or the Juvenile Court Office of your county for any information regarding a child that is not legally your responsibility. Any person falsely impersonating a parent or legal guardian is subject to criminal charges and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Juvenile Adult Waivers

If a child is under 18 and has been waived to Adult Court we can still provide services for them since they are under 18.  

Program Philosophy

  1.  The integrity of the security and safety of residents is of paramount importance.

  2. Respect for each individual, despite the reason for placement in detention and despite behavior, it is basic.

  3. While detention is not treatment, this time of crisis in a young person’s life may also be a time when s/he is most receptive to learning skills, receiving information necessary for making better choices, and rethinking delinquent values.

  4. Staff unafraid to be role models and interact with residents in a positive and guiding way can be instrumental in the process of behavioral change for some youth.

  5. Management of behavior requires that all youth be held accountable for detrimental behavior toward them and others and those efforts toward acceptable behavior are recognized and encouraged.

Prison Rape Elimination Act


North Iowa Juvenile Detention Services has a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy for sexual misconduct of any kind within its facility.  Part of this agency’s mission is to provide a safe, humane and secure environment for you. That is free from the threat of sexual misconduct and to be free from retaliation in reporting an alleged incident of sexual misconduct.  If you have been a victim of sexual misconduct in this facility; report it IMMEDIATELY!


Report to: Staff, Supervisor, Program Coordinator, Director, Nurse, Teacher

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