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Overview of Program

The Access Center is to serve individuals experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis who are not in need of inpatient psychiatric level of care and who do not have an alternative, safe, effective services immediately available.​

Individual shall receive services within 120 minutes of determination of needs and be located within 120 minutes from the residence of the individual

Eligibility for Access Services

  • The individual is in need of screening, assessment, services or treatment related to a mental health or substance use crisis

  • The individual shows no signs of illness or injury indicating a need for immediate medical attention

  • The individual has been determined not to need inpatient psychiatric hospital level of care

  • The individual does not have immediate access to alternative, safe, and effective services

Key Goals

To provide services on a no reject, no eject basis to individuals who meet service eligibility criteria and accept and serve individuals who are court ordered to participate in mental health or substance use disorder.

Access Center Services

  • Immediate intake assessment and screening which includes but not limited to mental and physical conditions, suicide risk, brain injury, and substance use by an appropriate licensed or credentialed professional

  • Peer support services

  • Mental health treatment as indicated by assessment

  • Substance use treatment as indicated by assessment

  • Physical health care services as indicated by health screening

  • Care coordination

  • Service navigation and linkage to services

Calling Policy

​Residents may talk to whomever they want unless legal situations require otherwise. Personal phone contacts for our residents will not be limited but we do ask calls are kept from approximately 5-minute to 15-minutes a day. There is not a limit on the number of calls clients can make per day, but when needed staff will prioritize who gets the next call or if someone needs to end a conversation in order to allow for another person to have phone time.

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