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Transport Services

Secured Transportation

Secured transport is the preferred way to get a child from point A to point B.  In our experience, we have known children to do things that would be self-harming to themselves as well as the people around them.  These occasions do not occur often but having the juvenile shackled and handcuffed minimizes situations to the best of anyone's ability.  For extreme cases, we have a van equipped with an inner cell.

Non-Secured Transportation

Non-secured Transports are when the person is not shackled or handcuffed.  We do require all persons to wear their seatbelt for both safety and legal reasons. 


The current price of transportation for both non-secure and secure transports is $40 per hour.

Transportation Service both secured and non-secure are available but not limited to professionals such as... Hospitals, Police Departments, Juvenile Court Officers Sheriff Departments and Adult mental health patients.


Phone: (319) 291-2455 ext. #5

Fax: (319) 291-2464


Transport Policies

  • All transports paid for by NIRS must be assigned through NIRS.

  • All transports will be gender matched whenever possible.

  • Weapons may not be carried on any transport.

  • Transporters must have a working cell phone at all times or the one provided by NIRS.

  • Interaction with clients shall be appropriate and professional at all times.

  • An Iowa road map and transporter handbook must be in the vehicle while on duty.

  • No stops are to be made en route. Clients must use the bathroom prior to leaving.

  • All medications and personal items of the clients must leave the vehicle with them.

  • The most direct route is to be used. Inaccurate mileage/time claims will result in dismissal.

  • All clients shall be buckled into their seats at all times during transportation.

  • Drivers may transport no more than two clients per trip without another transporter riding along.

  • No transport may be accepted if alcohol was consumed by the driver for 8 hours or less before the time of the transport.  No alcohol may be consumed during transport.

  • In the event of an accident or major problem en-route, contact the nearest law enforcement agency and NIRS as soon as possible.

  • All traffic laws, including speed limits, shall be followed at all times.  A driving violation occurring while transporting may result in dismissal.  Three or more driving violations in any consecutive 12-month period shall result in dismissal.

Policy for Secure Transports

  • All juveniles being transported shall be in mechanical restraints before leaving the building where they are picked up and remain in them at all times during the trip unless previously stated by the juvenile court officer.

  • All mechanical restraints are to be removed before each court hearing unless previously stated by a probation officer or a judge.

  • Inclement weather will prevent the transportation of juveniles.  The director and driver will make travel decisions based on highway report and weather forecast information.  The safety of all will be the primary factor in determining if a transport will be made.

  • Hostile/aggressive clients will be transported by the sheriff's department.   

  • The transporter must have the ability to prevent escape while in route or at destination when doing a secured transport.

  • Mechanical restraints shall not be removed until the clients are entering the courtroom or we have a signature from the authorized person.

  • Juvenile Detention Services will not transport juveniles under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

  • A plastic waste container, rather than a plastic bag, should be carried in the back seat to prevent interior vehicle damage.  Protective gloves and a CPR mask will be provided by NIRS.  A first aid kit, flashlight cell phone and blanket in the vehicle are recommended but not required.

  • Restraints will not be removed at appointments unless the juvenile court officer has previously given approval. 

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