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Subacute Mental Health Services

Overview of the Program

Subacute treatment is designed to resolve the presence of acute or crisis mental health symptoms, or the imminent risk of onset acute or crisis health symptoms for members experiencing a decreased level of functioning due to a mental health condition.  

The subacute treatment setting provides a protective environment that includes stabilization, support, diagnostic evaluation and treatment, wellness, and transition to ongoing services provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Subacute mental health care facilities are intended to be a short-term, intensive, recovery-oriented and designed to stabilize the client. 

Admission Criteria

  1. Does the individual have a history during the past year of a diagnosable mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder that meets the diagnostic criteria specified in the most current edition of the DSM?

  2. Does the individual demonstrate a high degree of impairment through significantly impaired mental, social, or educational functioning arising from the psychiatric condition or serious emotional disturbances?

  3. Does the individual demonstrate an impairment that severely limits the skills necessary to maintain an adequate level of functioning outside a treatment program and requires active treatment to obtain an adequate level of functioning?

  4. Does the individual demonstrate a low level of stability through any two of the following conditions?

    • The individual presents moderate to a high-risk level of danger to self or others​

    • The individual lacks adequate skills or social support to address mental health symptoms

    • The individual is medically stable but requires observation and care for stabilization and care for stabilization of a mental health condition or impairment

Referral Process

Appropriate individuals to refer do not meet the criteria for inpatient mental health hospitalization.  The individual may need additional stabilization or is experiencing a decreased level of functioning secondary to a mental health crisis.  The individual may be screened by a licensed mental health professional prior to admission.  


The following criteria prohibit consideration of admission to the Elite Mental Health Services:

  1. Under an arrest or active warrant

  2. Registered sexual offender

The following criteria may require additional information upon request:

  • History of violence or high risk of violence

  • History of self-harm behavior

  • Over the legal limit or impaired due to drug use

  • Acute medical needs

  • Actively psychotic

  • Physically disabled

  • Actively suicidal or homicidal

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