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Juvenile Court Officers

The primary purpose of this facility is to provide a physically secure, emotionally stable, and safe environment in which juveniles accused of delinquent acts can await court action.

If a child appears intoxicated they will need to be cleared by a medical professional. This is usually done either at your local hospital or Allen ER. If you are placing a child and they appear intoxicated, it will save time to have them taken to Allen ER for medical clearance first on the way to our facility since we will require medical clearance before taking custody of any juvenile that is intoxicated.

As a Juvenile Court Officer, you have all the services available to the general public in addition to placement in our secured facility as options to consider for children in your caseload. There are regular holds in which the child is here for an undetermined amount of time until the judge rules they can leave, and there are our 48 Hour Hold programs for when a shorter stay is needed. We also offer Juvenile Adult Waiver stays for your convenience. You can learn more about each of these types of holds from the Services Available table on this page.

We are open 24 hours 7 days a week so placement can be made at any time. We can transport to our facility if there is a need. As an officer of the court, you are welcome to visit or call as many times as needed and our staff will be glad to do what we can if there are special requests you may have.

Our rates are non-changing after being announced for the fiscal year (July 1st.) and there are no extra "hidden" fees. For billing purposes, the day will begin at 00:00 hours (12 midnight) but if the child arrives after 9pm we can start billing for the following day thus saving the county un-needed expenses.

For pricing on any of our services, click on the links in the Services Available on this page. If you are looking for a service that is not there it may be one that was discontinued and being handled by another agency or it may have been dropped by the counties altogether. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. For a list of common numbers that may help you find the particular service you may need, go to our home page and click the tab labeled "Other Agencies".  Feel free to call as we would be willing to discuss any special circumstances as long as it complies with our licenses.

When a child is placed at our facility all personal care needs will be supplied. These include meals, hygiene items, clothing, medical concerns etc. Personal items may be kept here but be aware that these items will not be needed for the child's stay. When a child reaches Level III on our Level System they may have 2 personal items such as a book or perhaps a hygiene item (i.e. soap, shampoo). For safety reasons, items like hairspray and nail polish are not allowed.

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