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Board Meeting Minutes



Board Minutes 10/13/2023


Members present:   Dennis Keatley – Allamakee, Dan Trelka – Blackhawk, Ken Kammeyer – Bremer, John Kurtz - Buchanan, Rusty Eddy – Butler, Casey Callanan – Cerro Gordo, Travis Suckow – Chickasaw, Steve Doeppke -Clayton, Pete Bushman – Delaware, Ann McDonough – Dubuque, Jeff Bun – Fayette, Vic VandeHaar – Grundy, Pat Murray – Howard, Frank Magsamen – Ex-Official


Members absent:   - Mitchell, - Winneshiek, - AT -Large

1. Rusty Eddy called meeting to order 9:59 a.m. with quorum present and via Zoom.

2. It was moved by Pat M. seconded by Steve D. to approve previous minutes from April’s meeting

3. It was moved by Dan T. seconded by Vic V. to throw out pages 8 & 9 and use pages 5 & 6

4. Public Comment - None

5. Reports from Secretary/Treasurer

5.1 Financial Report as of 6/30/2023 close out FY23: Sam reported on the FY23 close out and that the report seems off due to the building purchases and construction costs of Brownstone and the building not being open to bring in revenue. Ann M. inquired about mental health providers salary costs being recovered by the counties. Sam informed of the efforts being made with CSS. It was moved to close out FY23 by Pat M. seconded by Ann M. to approve FY23 financial report,

5.2 Financial Report as of 9/30/2023 FY24 Sam had the board look over the finances for FY24 1st qtr. Question from Frank about getting legislation involved in recovering MCO outstanding balances. Ann asked for an email in regards to the MCO behind amounts so that she could follow up with her regions legislative team. No other questions. It was moved to approve the quarter by Dennis K. and seconded by Pete B.

6.0 Committee Reports

6.1 Detention Report – Val informed the board of her upcoming retirement before going into her report for the detention center. Val reported on daily averages and units as well as any incidents for the juveniles in detention. She also reported on the transportation, GPS, and tracking and monitoring services. It was moved by John K. seconded by Vic V.

6.2 Crisis Report – Trinette reported on the stats for daily averages and units as well as any incidents for the crisis unit and how the crisis unit is doing well. It was moved by Pat M. seconded by Dennis K.

6.3 Subacute Report - Luke reported on subacute stats for daily averages and units as well as an incident that resulted in damages to company and staff vehicles. It was moved by Travis S. and seconded by John K.

6.4 Brownstone Report – Brittany reported on stats for Brownstone for the daily averages and units and the increase in getting clients as the word gets out. Frank M. asked about who can refer youth Brittany explained the many avenues by which a youth can be referred. Ann M. asked about Brownstone putting together a presentation for ECR. Moved by John K. seconded by Steve D.

6.5 Budget & Finance – a) Sam reported on the proposed budget on how much each area might bring in and how much things may cost. Question from John K. about how it is figured for each county and how it is billed. Sam explained how it is sort of a guess based on previous years and that the county is only billed or the bed days that are used. Ann M. express a desire to have the budget approval wait until the corrected numbers were put onto the previously dismissed pages 8 & 9. It was explained that the correct numbers are on 5 & 6. Motion to move on budget by Patt M. seconded by John K. motion carried with one Nay from Ann M. – Dubuque.

7.0 Review of Claims for July, August, & September Sam asked that the board look over the claims asked for questions none were asked Moved Ann M. seconded by Pete B.

8.0 Any other business – Frank let everybody know about the upcoming open house for Elevates new apartments On Wednesday the 18th at 10 a.m. at 619 Mulberry. Pete B. inquired how staffing is going? Sam explained that some more staff have been hired but it is still an ongoing process to get staffing number up.

9.0 Establish time and date of the next meeting was set for January 19th 2024 at 10 a.m.

10.0 Adjournment 11:00 moved by Steve D. seconded by John K.

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