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Resident Councelor

All applicants must have a high school degree or GED. Experience in working with juveniles, special needs children, and adults with mental health issues. A college degree in criminology or social work is preferred but not required.

Job Description

At times, employees will be used to transport or work the floor in either our Juvenile Detention program or our Crisis Center program. It is expected that when employed at NIRS individuals can transition between these services. For this reason, applicants for NIJDS should review the ACSC Resident Counselor Job Description and also the Transporter Job Description.​

All resident counselors have expected duties while employed at North Iowa Juvenile Detention Services under NIRS.

Duties which are required and not limited to include:

  • Provide group and individual guidance for residents.

  • Supervision while Organizing, planning, and implementation daily activities for residents in a highly structured, secure program.

  • Admission of new residents, recording intake information, interviewing residents and completion of all necessary paperwork and contact information.

  • Keeps daily written recordings based on observations of residents.

  • Provide crisis intervention for residents and physically or mechanically restrain residents, if needed to prevent escape and/or injury to persons or property. Must be able to restrain a person in a double arm hold. Must be able to restrain a 175pd youth.

  • Checks and maintains the security and safety of residents on a continual basis.

  • Provides consistent and fair rewards for appropriate interactions and consequences for inappropriate behaviors.

  • Supervises resident chores for the upkeep of the facility and performs light maintenance such as household repairs, painting, ordering supplies, etc.

  • Dispenses medication, after appropriate training

  • Promotes, encourages and supports the appropriate behavior of residents.

  • Communicates with co-workers and supervisors on a professional level.

  • Follows the policies and procedures of NIJDS/NIRS, reports to supervisors or the director any infractions or violations of these policies and procedures and cooperates fully and honestly in any investigation of problems.

  • Assists in implementing all areas of the facility's program.

  • Must be on time for scheduled shits.

  • Ability to work with computers and peripherals. (I.E. Cameras, scanners, fax etc.)

  • Working knowledge of the care, counseling and management of delinquent and dependent youth in a residential setting.

  • Ability to function as an effective member of the childcare team.

  • Ability to establish and maintain professional, positive relationships with co-workers as well as professionals, parents and youth.

  • Ability to receive, process and communicate information orally and in writing.

  • Ability to understand and follow directions.


  • A valid driver's license in the state of Iowa.

  • Basic computer and technology skills (I.E. GPS operation, digital cameras and Windows Office)

  • Have a residence and a phone number they can be reached directly at

  • Be a legal citizen of the United States

  • Able to pass an employment physical examination (including a drug screening)

  • Applicants must be clear from any abuse or violent crimes both past and present.

  • Applicants must be clear from any drug abuse crimes past and present.

  • Applicants must be clear from any abuse or neglect of a minor both past and present.


  • Be able to show a safe driving history of at least 5 years

  • Ability to conduct thorough pat searches (if requested) before transport.

  • Be reasonably available to transport on short notice and communicate un-available dates.

  • Ability to Keep accurate records and turn in the most direct route to the destination.

  • Ability to read a roadmap and determine the most direct route to the destination.

  • Ability to use good judgment in determining the safety of travel and in ensuring the safety of all passengers while transporting.

  • Proof of completion of training in applying mechanical restraints. (Provided at NIJDS)

  • Have proof of adequate insurance.

  • Ability to calculate travel time to get to a scheduled appointment.

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